Canoe – Kayak history

     Oarsmanship with canoe and kayak is kind of rowing sport, race with single and double oar boats. International canoe federation unites six disciplines (2 olympic, sprint and slalom). Europe championship in sprint is held since 1933, world championship – since 1938. Since 1936 in Olympic program. Canoe and kayak was used for water transportation since the beginning of the time. Predecessor of kayak is considered eskimo boat, for canoe – it’s Indian piroga. First kayak was created by Scot lawyer John McGregor based on Eskimo boat. First official international competition, as well as Europe and world championships, was held by international canoe federation based in Copenhagen in 1924. Since 1936 Berlin Olympic games rowing sports have become official Olympic sport. International canoe federation was found in 1924 in Copenhagen. It unites 5 confederations and 131 country federations.

     Georgia has long history with rowing sports. First competition with kayak was held in 1930 when rafting station was built in Mtskheta.

     First champion of USSR was Valentina Sereda from Mtskheta. This sport has started to bloom in Georgia since 60s of last century. We had eminent sportsmen: Averi Matkava, Viktor Kratasiuk, Jimsher Khoshabaev, Tengiz Khuberashvili, Boris Mkheidze, Vladimer Pokrishenko, Joni Charaevi, Zurab Khoperia, Tamaz Chitaia, Kakhaber Lomishvili and many more. Most successful from this sportsmen was Viktor Kratasiuk from Poti. He became the champion of Munich Olympic Games. Also Zaza Nadiradze came 5th in 2016 Rio Olympic games and in 2018 he became Europe champion in 200 meter sprint.

     After Georgian independence on 27th July, 1991, Georgian Canoe kayak federation was founded, which is the member of FISA since 1991 and member of ICF since 1996. In June 2012 Georgian national Canoe federation was found by four people and it became member of ICF in 2014.

     Water slalom story starts in 1932. First slalomers in Georgia appeared in the beginning of 1970. They became USSR champions many times. Georgian sport remembers Giorgi Naskidashvili, Omar Marekhashvili who won USSR team Championship and contributed in the development of this sport.





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